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Northminster Evangelical Presbyterian Church
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The Adult Fellowship S.S. class is
studying the book of Malachi.  Why this Old Testament minor
And why was God quiet for nearly 400 years after Malachi's
Come, join us and discover the answer!

The adult Faith Bible Class  began in March a new study that
surveys God's love for us in Old and New Testament Scriptures.     
This quarter draws from some of the following books in Scripture:
First John, Ephesians, John, Joel, Psalms, 1 Peter, Romans, and
The Faith Bible Class meets in the Tatman Room.
Women of the Church Circles:
The Morning Circle will be visiting shut-ins during their regular monthly
meeting times in June-August.  The Evening
Circle has also completed their study for now and will be beginning in
September with a new study.
               (see the current newsletter for more detail)
Men's Bible Study meets each Saturday, 7:30 a.m. at
McDonald's.  They are studying 1 Peter. The public is invited.